Preparing For the LEED V3 Green Associate Exam Helpful Hints

You have taken notes, read your texts, spoken with people, and studied the information you have gathered for that big day. The big day is exam day for the LEED GA Green Associate v3 exam. When you wake up the morning of your exam, the first thing you need to do before taking the exam is to eat a good and nutritious breakfast. This will allow you to get something in your stomach and you can watch something on TV to get your mind off of the exam or you can do a bit more studying. Once finished at home, you then get in your car and begin driving to the testing center, just be sure you have double-checked where your exam is going to take place so that you are not late or miss the exam. After parking your vehicle, you find the testing room and alert the representative that you are there for the leed AP exam. The representative will then take you to a locker so that you can store all of your personal items. Once you have locked up your belongings you will be taken to an area where there is a computer, paper for scratch paper, and pencil. Normally these testing centers use cubicles for people to take their exams. If you do not want any outside distractions while taking your leed certification exam, you will also receive headphones.

Once you reach the cubicle and are seated you will be shown an introductory tutorial on marking the exam, which is supposed to take 10 minutes, but in all reality, only takes roughly 2 minutes. Once you finish the first part of the introductory tutorial then you have the options of skipping over the remaining tutorials. If you pay attention to the tutorial, you have a better chance of making a higher grade, because those who do not pay attention end up marking their answers incorrectly. After you are done with the tutorial part, you will have exactly 7-8 minutes to do what is called a brain dump. This allows you to write down anything on the scratch paper that you can remember for your test. You may wish to write your mnemonic device of WIMSEE or the other one ASHRAE. Don’t use this as a cheat sheet, but rather use it to help give you hints as to what information means. Most people that have done this have done very well on the exam.

If you are unsure of what a brain dump is for, you may wish to practice a few days in advance to take the test and see how much information you can put on the paper. This type of paper is to be used to reminder. Some representatives will not allow you to write on the paper before the test, but if that is not a problem, that’s a good help during your exam. You need to get yourself mentally prepared for the leeds certification exam. When you become leed certified you will be glad that you took the extra time to study and listen to the hints and tips along the way.